Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

For “problem” orders, there will be no refunds for the following situation :-

  • Address given by sender is wrong or incomplete.
  • There is no recipient contact number given by the sender.
  • The recipient has moved house or office.
  • The recipient cannot be contacted.
  • The recipient refuses to accept the flowers in their own discretion.
  • The recipient stays in a condominium and the guard does not allow driver to go in and does not want to receive the flowers on behalf of recipient.
  • Any act of Force Majeure, act of God: a natural and unavoidable catastrophe that interrupts the expected course of events.
  • Last minutes request or changes of order won’t be entertains.

Order for Special / Rare Flowers

Flowers which is only available on certain seasonal or periods of time and also foreign flowers, the order MUST BE MADE a week or weeks earlier so we can make sure that it is available by the time the order should be made. For example, flowers like tulips or north american flowers need special request and early booking.

Order For Wreaths/Sympathy Flowers

For all orders for wreaths or sympathy flowers, the time and date of the funeral (when the deceased will be taken out for burial) must be stated clearly in your order, and the flowers are delivered only after the funeral and will be sent to the deceased home, we are not to be hold responsible for any refunds or cancellations.

As our products are mostly perishable, no claims will be entertainer thereafter upon delivery. All refund request will be dealt on a case by case basis.

Valentine Refund Policy

1) For Valentine Day’s deliveries, customers may request for a specific time for the deliveries to be made and we will try our very best to meet it. However due to the overwhelming response for Valentine’s Day deliveries, there will be no refunds for any late deliveries.

2) For orders received only after 12 noon on 14 February, we will try our very best to send it out on 14 February. In the event it cannot be delivered by 14 February, it will be automatically delivered on 15 February. No refunds will be entertained.

3) Changes to orders (that have been ordered before 13 February) will not be allowed after 12noon on 13 February . As such refunds will not be entertained for such orders whereby changes cannot made on 13 February.